a short documentary about the Hampshire College campaign for divestment from the occupation of Palestine. Hampshire is often credited with being the first US college to divest for the occupation, and this video attempts to understand the group and the campaign that made it happen. The video is constructed from interviews with over a dozen student activists from Hampshire College's 'Students for Justice in Palestine.'
Film completed 2010 by Will Delphia (a Hampshire Student). Runtime: 30 min.

“To Know is Not Enough” is a video by Will Delphia, a film and social science student at Hampshire College.

Hampshire College is a small liberal arts school in Amherst, Massachusetts. Hampshire was started in the early 1970s to be a new sort of experiment in non-traditional education emphasizing independent work and allowing students to choose every facet of their own course of study.

“Hampshire College describes itself as “experimenting” rather than “experimental” in order to emphasize the changing nature of its curriculum. From its inception the curriculum has generally had certain non-traditional features” (Wikipedia)

It was in this context where a student group managed to win for themselves a victory in the international movement for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions.

Will Delphia (director):

“SJP and their campaign caught my attention like it caught the attention of the entire campus, I hope that this film serves the larger movement for Campus BDS just as it would serve Hampshire College as an document encapsulating an exciting and intense moment in the school’s history.”

The title “To Know is Not Enough” is in reference to Hampshire College’s official motto: Non satis scire. – and in the opinion of the filmmaker it cannot mean anything unless it means that one must act on their knowledge. There is no better example of putting ideas into action at Hampshire College than the story of SJP and divestment.

press announcement from Hampshire SJP

HEADLINE: Documentary Released on Hampshire College’s 2009 Divestment from

“To Know is Not Enough” (runtime: 30 min)
watch for free online: http://toknowisnotenough.info

A new documentary highlights the story of Divestment at Hampshire College.

In the spring of 2009 news sources the world over reported that Hampshire College had become the first United States institution of higher learning to divest holdings from companies benefiting from the military occupation of Palestine. This victory in the international movement for BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions), was the product of a 3+ year campaign by the Hampshire college student group, Students for Justice in Palestine. And though the board agreed to remove those assets involved in the occupation, the administration contested the political significance of the move and denied that the divestment was related to the occupation.

One year after divestment, Hampshire Students for Justice in Palestine worked with a student filmmaker to tell the story of their divestment campaign – the result is a 30 min documentary featuring interviews with a sampling of SJP’s membership and using footage of past SJP events and actions. It highlights the student campaign and this campus movement for Justice in Palestine. The film attempts to show links between SJP’s work and the history of social responsibility at Hampshire College, as Hampshire was also the first US School to divest from Apartheid South Africa in 1979.

“To Know is not Enough” is used in reference to Hampshire College’s official motto (Latin: Non Satis Scire). The school proudly holds this message to affirm that, as an educational institution, it attempts to reach beyond ‘mere’ knowledge, encouraging students to question accepted understandings and to put their knowledge to use for the betterment of our world. The story of SJP and divestment is only one among many student-led campaigns to hold Hampshire accountable to these founding values, and as part of that enduring legacy the film carries the school’s official slogan as it’s title: “To Know is Not Enough, How Hampshire Became the First to Divest”

The film is being released online, free of charge, and a blanket permission has been issued to hold public screenings of this documentary in any setting. Students are especially encouraged to use the film to educate and inspire, and to support many ongoing BDS campaigns happening throughout the country and world.


-Hampshire College Students for Justice in Palestine



Dina Jacir

Appearing in interviews:
Dina Jacir (SJP)
Noam Bahat (SJP)
Matan Cohen (SJP)
Nate Jones (SJP)
Alexander Cachinero-Gorman (SJP)
Kanya D’Almeida (SJP)
Aidan Kriese (SJP)
Margaret Cerullo (Hampshire Faculty)
Quincy M. Saul (SJP)
Brian Van Slyke (SJP)
Jova Lynne Johnson (SOURCE)
Hira Nabi (SJP, SOURCE)
Andrew Stachiw (SJP)
Henry Parr (The Climax)

Special thanks  to those who helped with research but whose interviews do not appear on screen:
Alex “Tumble” Van Leer
Jay Cassano
Alima Catellacci
Ilana Rossoff

Photos provided by:
Cheryl DeSanctis, Nate Jones, Dina Jacir, Harrison Fuerst,
and Birthright Unplugged

Hampshire Archival footage provided by SJP.

Action Awareness week videos from: http://monkeyfat88.blip.tv/

Research and SUPPORT:
Nicola Chávez-Courtright


Democracy Now:

Slingshot Hiphop http://www.slingshothiphop.com/

Hampshire College Archives:
The Climax


Afshin Rattansi:

DAM (Da Arab MCs)

(check out DAM’s website for english lyrics!)

also note:  The office of the president of Hampshire college declined to offer comments on camera for this film.

Directed by:
Will Delphia