a short documentary about the Hampshire College campaign for divestment from the occupation of Palestine. Hampshire is often credited with being the first US college to divest for the occupation, and this video attempts to understand the group and the campaign that made it happen. The video is constructed from interviews with over a dozen student activists from Hampshire College's 'Students for Justice in Palestine.'
Film completed 2010 by Will Delphia (a Hampshire Student). Runtime: 30 min.

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Hampshire SJP Media


This video was put together (quickly) to support the divestment campaigns at UC Berkly and USSD that came to a vote in the spring of 2009. Invincible is a Detroit-based hip hop artist, MC, and videomaker. After the shoutout to BDS in California she performs her song The Emperor’s Clothes.

Hampshire Activist Film Spotlight

Breaking Down Boxes

film by Nico Chavez-Courtright on the history of Hampshire College Activism
- includes good section on South African and Israeli Occupation divestments

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UUA, Please Divest! (Will Delphia)
Video made to call attention to Unitarian Universalist Association’s investments in the occupation.